Parasols SunBasic

SunBasic series umbrellas, made from tropical wooden structure with outdoor treatment.

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Production time 5 daysFabricado bajo pedido SOLOCARPAS.COM desde
117,00 €
Color crudo parasol
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rating 4 reviews
Item Code: 15100
Availability: Production time 5 days

Parasols SunBasic series of SunBreta® Ø 3.0 m circular Polyspun tissue 220 ​​g / m² ecru.

Production time 15 daysFabricado bajo pedido SOLOCARPAS.COM desde
183,00 €
Colores parasoles
Sunbreta logo
rating 5 reviews
Item Code: 15101
Availability: Production time 15 days

Wooden parasols of SunBreta® SunBasic series, polyester fabric 200 gsm, available in several colors.


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