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Terms and conditions of sale

Purchase conditions

All orders placed Sombralia, SL constitutes acceptance by the Customer of the General Conditions of Sale in force solocarpas.com the day the order is made. Customer acknowledges acceptance of the following terms and involve the application of these to referral order. Customer submits, renouncing the jurisdiction itself, the Courts of Esplugues de Llobregat to the exercise of any actions arising out even the bill's claim arising from any order. Our service customer for any query, dispute resolution, claims or inquiries must always be made to the record of the communication by e-mail through the contact form or by writing to our address: info @ solocarpas. com, this type of incidents in order to provide better service not be covered by telephone, an incidence or support ticket to address your inquiry, request or query regarding your claim is open.
NOTE: The company reserves the right to make any aesthetic changes to the items shown in this catalog, without affecting the quality of them .


All the prices of our shop are quoted without VAT, VAT and broken down in the TOTAL when you add to cart, prices apply only to the purchase through web page. Prices always supply the material, do not include installation or advice, and technical visits. Prices quoted per unit when indicated 5 Units, 10 units is understood to be a bargain price quantity from these units, and always drive. We emphasize that all special offers, promotions and prices will not be in the same physical store or if you order by phone: ONLY for purchases made online at the website www.solocarpas.com. Prices subject to possible change without notice (possible currency changes, changes in the cost of raw materials, etc). Offers can not be combined with other offers or products that are on sale, and are valid only for Internet purchases made at our store online www.solocarpas.com. When shipping to Canary Ceuta Melilla, Andorra or any other country the recipient must pay the taxes generated importation when delivered.

Status of orders

The order will be implemented upon receipt of payment, the date of the initial payment will be accounted for within manufacturing .

Order awaiting payment: Upon ordering online, if the order was paid with VISA or Paypal, will start upon receipt of payment (usually 24 h.). If you decided to pay via bank transfer or deposit will have to send us the bank receipt of payment by fax or email to start it, it will be once the payment is received in our bank account, domestic transfers (Spain) usually be between 24-48 hours. once the transfer is complete.
   Order in Process: When you receive an email with the status IN PROCESS means that the payment order has been received and your order is being processed or being manufactured
Order Shipped or Delivered: When you receive an email or see your order in its history with the Delivered status means your order will be delivered the next day to receive that mail, or has gone by transport agency. (From the time an order is in status & quot, & quot;, Delivered receive discount points for your next purchase .


The offer of free postage or shipping charges only apply to orders that exceed the amount of 475 € without tax, and your destination Peninsula and Balearic Spain .

Items acquired will be delivered to the person and address you supplied to us in the ordering process, no address changes allowed once has collected the freight order and is in transit. If the destination is an apartment the transportation agency is not required to upload to it, transport it to the door at street level. It is imperative that we provide a phone number for delivery.

Shipments are made by land transport agency (maritime groupage to islands) and transit peninsula is around 24-48 h. working out the order once and is collected by the agency in our facilities. The transit Balearic islands is around 5 days and 7 Maximum Canary normally 10 days. Kindly track the issue, request data from the transport agency by contacting the team online store by email by filling out the form, enter your name, shipping address and the order and we will respond with the name of carrier and a contact phone number.
Any delay that may occur in the delivery of the order, will not entail cancellation of the order nor any compensation from Sombralia, SL. The client will always be notified as Sombralia, SL has been informed of the cause of the delay. Saturday and Sunday deliveries are not made ​​or collected material.

If you have selected the option of & quot; Come pick & quot; material, that the material is in stock does not mean it is physically located at our offices in Esplugues de Llobregat, you may have to be obtained from our head, once the order placed on the shop staff tell you what the spend day to collect the material, for example if a product shows in stock Store as a parasol or bases, it is usually at 48 h. approximately once your order is placed. If you are CarpaPro Basic folding tents usually have a certain amount in stock in the same offices of Esplugues de Llobregat. Once the stock of a particular measure of folding tent stoppage time to be available again is usually about 5 months out. The order to be picked up at the physical store should always be brought to account, for example, is not valid proof of transfer without the payment has reached us. The team's online store will tell you when they go to pick up.


The default bills will be delivered by email to the email address provided by the client in the following order delivery days .


made ​​to order products according to customer specifications offered with different variants (of measures, fabric color, custom, etc)

Items made ​​to order according to customer specifications (which will lead manufacturing and delivery of approximately 3, 15 and 25 days), as the exception 102 / 103 of the Act "Exceptions to the right of withdrawal" is not your return or cancellation is accepted. Article 103 Exceptions to the right of withdrawal. Literally, the law reads: free
"" The right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts relating to:
a) The provision of services, once the service has been fully executed, when the performance has begun, with the express prior consent of the consumer or user and the recognition on his part that he is aware that, once the contract it has been fully executed by the employer will have lost their right of withdrawal.
b) The supply of goods or provision of services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market that the employer can not control and which may occur during the withdrawal period.
c) The supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized and user (eg items that are offered with different variants of sizes, colors, etc) , furniture, awnings, pergolas, parasols, costumes and clothing or which by their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly (eg food products).
is amended by art. único.28 of Law 3/2014 of 27 March. Ref. BOE-A-2014-3329. "" free
The client should ensure good measurements parasol or sends previously manufactured tent when ordering, if once made ​​the hood or tent sees & quot; small & quot; or & quot; Big & quot; being the correct measurements of the product you have ordered: Sombralia, SL, IS NOT RESPONSIBLE nor accept any return for this reason, as Sombralia, SL is limited to manufacture the product to the extent that has been ordered in the order . All technical measures of the products in the catalog.

If the product arrives in poor condition due to transport, have the right to return it within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery according to law the right of withdrawal, to that Sombralia, solvent SL and the problem is re-sent to the Client, if you have to re-make the product the customer accepts the day waiting period in relation to the new manufacture or repair without involving cancellation of the order or any compensation, and accepting the delivery to facilitate Sombralia, SL. If material has come in disrepair must denounce it and note on the delivery note. No refund by rough handling (putting up the tent or parasol) or deterioration when unpacking (cuts cutter, etc) will be accepted. Sombralia, SL is not responsible for the misuse of a product, misuse involves mecácnicas any damage by external actions, exposure meterorológicas adveras conditions, vandalism, aggressive washing products, etc. And it's immediate condition warranty voiding. If signing under the delivery of the goods, Sombralia SL denies any responsibility if the material has arrived defective or if there has been loss of packages or packages during transport. Any product that has not been picked up by the customer after 15 days after the date of availability, Sombralia SL will have the right to charge parking service for the same, stating per day from 1 € to 2 € or even higher varying always depending on the extent of it if it exceeds the linear meter long.

Products in stock (no custom fabricated, color, etc)

To withdrawal of products in stock (not manufactured on request) According to Article 44 Right to withdraw the buyer shall bear the return costs (transportation), you must return it with his box and original packaging unused condition and complete product in new condition, if not returned in good condition with original packaging, or if the product has been used nOT ACCEPT yOUR RETURN. According to the usury law / Client has fourteen (14) calendar days to return the product in stock, once we get the team and make sure it is correct SOLOCARPAS.COM payment of the refund of the order will be made by a transfer bank (only for stock items that have nOT had to be manufactured to fit, color, etc, in this type of product returns will not be accepted). Every product is shipped prior sale revised code verifier guaranteeing perfect.

VERY IMPORTANT: NO COMMON SENSE AND HOWEVER, REMEMBER THAT PRODUCT FOR ALL PARTIES AND / OR EVENTS (DRESSES PARTY, TENTS, UMBRELLAS FOR EVENTS) PROTECTS AN ACT tO AUTHORIZE tHE DEALER oR NOT yOUR RETURN, considering that the tent or parasol has been removed from its packaging and / or used is more than likely that your right to return was rejected.

Promotion "My solocarpas.com event"

Get discounts send us your photos

You can now enjoy an extra discount Voucher to send photographs of your event with any item (parasol, tent or folding seat) purchased solocarpas.com. To enjoy this discount need to receive photos via email in JPG format along photocopy or PDF of the invoice showing the purchase. The promotion is not for product invoice 1 invoice = 1 Voucher discount. Solocarpas.com team will process the request and within days you will validate an extra Coupon to use on the next purchase, valid for 1 year. The discount will depend on the assessment of the quality of the photos as the team / solocarpas.com jury. The promotion is valid for one time use per purchase / invoice. Customers who make use of the promotion "Send your images" will yield a Sombralia SL permit them to be usable in any physical or digital and commercial, within or outside www.solocarpas.com catalog waiving any right to image and use thereof. No pieda this opportunity to get a discount CUMMULATIVE other discounts or loyalty points.

Promotion "Facebook Fan"

Become a Fan of our Facebook page and take advantage of € 20 off! (€ 16.53 + VAT) Offer valid one time per customer and not cumulative.

Official After-sales service for products Sunbreta, CarpaPro and TiendaPro

Only available to customers in Sombralia, SL. To spare budget structures or parasols covers / tents MUST provide us by email date, number and invoice details of purchase, without this data to be credited Customer Sombralia Ltd., no service will be served sales. Once the stock of a particular measure / model folding tent exhausted, the reset time to be available again is usually around 5 months, both for the full folding tent as for its separate components (roof / structure). We make no express service repair umbrellas or tents, the customer must return the product to our address and must accept the delivery which is provided once accepted the budget, technical support provided through an open e-mail query. The main reason (for our long experience), is that many times the breakage through carelessness and misuse of various umbrellas and tents matches while at the same time and time due to temporal certain climatic and associated misuse under those adverse weather conditions, resulting in a collapse of our team of after-sales service and repairs. The client must always send the product to our address for repair, will perform a cost / budget and if accepted will expect the delivery will facilitate the company valuation. The customer is responsible for their own transportation costs of the two sends (round trip).


solocarpas.com - Sombralia, SL may contact the Customer by telephone or any other means to verify personal data. Sombralia, SL reserves the right to disqualify those Customers in a reasonable period or fails to contact when verification does not want to confirm your data. Also Sombralia, SL reserves the right to suspend or debar Customers who have entered data were incomplete and / or incorrect. For any query you want us in the "Contact Us" section you will find all our contact information (phone, fax, mail contact form). The consultations in high season from April to September, may be delayed by a few days working overbooking. Sombralia, SL will not be responsible for any typographical errors in prices. Photographs and graphics and product descriptions are indicative and not binding to Sombralia, SL. The company reserves the right to bill the hours of work and design where the customer has not provided properly prepared files for vectorized design and customization of the tent or parasol. The products always carry our brand logo screen-printed cartons and / or packages roof. Orders received, having selected as payment bank transfer or deposit, and has not been made ​​within 72 h from the time of order, Sombralia, SL reserves the right to remove without notice, they also eliminate the orders placed from an account of false or incorrect email, where the system has detected errors to receive returned mail. free
In order to keep and enjoy greater flexibility, our service customer for any query, dispute resolution, claims or inquiries must always be made by email through the contact form or by writing to our address: info @ solocarpas.com our technical customer support team is ready to assist you and will assist you within 24-48 h.


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