About us

Our company, with more than 20 years of history, is the first online store of professional and customized folding tents to be created at an international level. It was born with the aim of being the official distribution channel of the pioneering brand CarpaPro®, a firm that guarantees quality and the highest exclusivity in the world of folding tents. Then our latest creation and invention in the "folding world" is added to the family: the TiendaPro® folding seats, as well as our extensive range of Sunbreta® parasols and sunshades. belongs to Grupo Sombralia , a company with extensive experience and leader in the sector of professional folding systems for events and sun protection. < / p>

What differentiates us

More than 80% of our products are EXCLUSIVE, and are made to measure for you and on request, ensuring an optimal quality of them, and above all, with the objective of differentiate ourselves in this way from the current market flooded with importers of low quality products.

We are endorsed by the trust and loyalty of prestigious international clients, and all this leading the market and new trends during a journey of more than 35 years, years they have served us to grow and mature being proud to present the first CarpaPro professional folding tent, and our latest invention the exclusive TiendaPro folding stand.

It's been many years since our inception, and we continue to improve day by day with the same enthusiasm that made us start this exciting company, proud to have made the effort to be the The first online store of the sector internationally, pioneers in facilitating the shopping experience so that all our customers can enjoy buying quality products in the easiest and safest way, without risks, and always with the guarantee and after-sales service of the Group Shadowy.


Pioneers in the manufacture of folding tents for more than 35 years (since 1981) through the company Toldos Esplugues. Online distribution begins online in 1998 within the catalog of the website of Toldos Esplugues. His goal was to distribute a product unknown at that time to the market, the first tent ... FOLDING. Due to the recognition by our customers of the quality of the product, we continue to grow and between 2004-2005 the project grows and is restored in At present as Grupo Sombralia is transformed into a multinational company, together with a holding company that believes in our project, which is the goal with which everything began, to meet the needs of our customers, and always striving to anticipate their needs with the highest quality and the best service.



After-sales service, spare parts and accessories Exclusive after sales service for our products and customers Sombralia. Always keep the invoice, it is essential to send a copy and open a support ticket, since structures, ceilings and loose pieces are not for general sale, exclusively for our clients. If orders are not generated within 12 months, the system deletes the customer's data. The invoice as proof of purchase is essential that the customer provides in all cases.

Due to the extensive catalog of products, a technical specialization is required that we carry out through segmentation, segmentation that derives in several commercial brands such as: CarpaPro, TiendaPro, Sunbreta, etc. In order to offer a quality customer service, we respond to 100% online business inquiries, so we ask that you please contact us by email or by filling in the contact form, in this way as well as leaving a record of each inquiry , you can answer the specific technical team responsible and specialized section and brand of the referenced product, thank you.

Remember that both the prices of our products, technical information, and availability or delivery times are already indicated on the page of each product and are updated daily.
Sombralia SL - CIF B65103061
C / Josep Miquel Quintana, 75
08950 - Esplugues de Llobregat - Barcelona (Spain)
Tel: 93 480 93 48 (We do not have commercial telephone attention, telephone only for suppliers and internal operative)
Fax: 93 371 06 58 / International. (+34)

(At our factory and warehouse headquarters we only handle order pick-ups once they are formalized online (via Internet), we do not carry out product demonstrations and we do not have a commercial service to the public, our sales system it is only by internet and without telephone commercial attention or physical store, thus guaranteeing a faster communication, with qualified personnel and with a record of all communication. )

Online customer service hours:
Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


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