How to choose a folding tent?

How to choose a folding tent?

How to choose a folding tent?

A folding tent for professional use is one of the most important tools you'll need, we give you the keys so you know choose the one that suits you. Thanks to many of you, friends rather than customers grateful for the advice, encouraging you taking years to create this guide and publish the following series of tips that I have always given and we share with you more than 20 years. We assume that being a relatively new among us, (35) product, has led to having a free kick in product knowledge, this has unfortunately led to the sale of items of low quality have hurt customer / user and they have only benefited unscrupulous people who have taken advantage of this lack of information about the product confusing. These circumstances have increased in recent years following the strong entry into the market of folding tents imported from Asia, at a surprisingly low price, on par quality. For this and other details, it is important to reflect on what to consider when choosing the right model. Do not fall short on performance and investment, with use soon you'll thank.

The essential parameter

Where size does matter: Internal wall thickness profiles (tubes) that make up the structure.

Aluminium structures: Great acceptance for being lighter than other materials and stay longer in good condition being more resistant to corrosion, but to offer the same strength as steel we manufacture the profile (tube) with more wall thickness therefore if the structure is aluminum least must have 1.5mm thickness inside, everything below can not be considered for professional use. If we compare a profile of 1.5 mm to 0.8 mm other interior, will see that their resistance is not half, but about 80% less, being a very important point when assessing what tent to choose . minimum recommended outside of the profile foot (feet) 35 x 35 mm measurement.

Steel structures: It is a material that weighs more and requires less inner wall thickness of the profile (tube) to provide the same resistance. It is considered suitable for the manufacture of a quality folding tent when you have at least 1 mm thickness inside. Keep in mind that it is a less oxidation resistant material, the treatment in the Basic series is lacquered and the Classic series by zinced with high quality bathroom. minimum recommended outside of the profile foot (feet) 35 x 35 mm measurement.

The difference

How to detect the folding tent offer me it is of low quality? In addition to pay special attention to both external thicknesses as the interior of the profile (tube), if the manufacturer or vendor does not offer me this information is more than likely that the product offered is a folding tent picnic or low quality, as promotional item.

Another key details by which we can learn, is quickly detect weight, such as a folding tent 3x3 m quality can never weigh less than 25 kg. or a price of 200 €, these references are not to be accurate but we can serve as a warning, as if it weighs little is because they have not used the materials with sufficient thickness to provide it with a minimum strength required, and in relation price certainly no one offers hard four pesetas.

The paradigm

We are all familiar with that in the market there are plastic cutlery for single use being significantly cheaper than steel, but we never dream of falling into the ridiculousness of use in the day to eat the steak and reuse, we find the same paradigm in major events, using folding picnic tents made of very thin materials and very low quality type. Clearly, if we look at the market a pack of 24 steel covered house, its average market price will be around 20-25 € the cheapest, common sense never wait that its value is 10 times less, taking as reference error 2 € pack of plastic cutlery, which obviously are also covered, but in a vastly different quality and performance, having little or nothing to do with the other product, although both share the same name and description.

We insist that we must always avoid jeopardizing the image of your brand, product, association, group or entity, and above all the security and prestige of your event.

Manufacturer and distributor

By values ​​we consider intangibles from Sombralia Group, CarpaPro as SOLOCARPAS.COM always recommend that when choosing your quality folding tent a truly professional specialized manufacturer or distributor are addressed, and a better after-sales service always kind national.

For professional use continued to recommend CarpaPro Classic Series events in any of its versions, steel, aluminum or Alumix, always on request manufacture more than 20 sizes and 14 colors to choose from. Remember that the real CarpaPro always carries the logo and only sold through SOLOCARPAS.COM

Continue to write and shedding light on when choosing a quality folding tent, for the moment, this guide already covers much of the initial most important approaches.

Need personalize your folding tent CarpaPro and want presupuestemos your design?

To ordering your custom folding tent must first obtain a quote and send the design so that we can assess please fill the contact form and request a design template within a maximum period of 24 hours. working our technical team will send you by email the template on which you will make the design you want to stamp on your CarpaPro. Please indicate measure CarpaPro model, and should be necessary accessories such as walls, bases, etc.

We ship all over Spain and Europe regularly for shipments to South America, U.S.A. Central budget and ask us indicating the address by email, work through maritime groupage with major ports around the world.

If you have any questions or queries regarding please send a message through the contact form


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